Ask the Expert: Dr. Mike Berg, CIH, CSP

A long-time project toxicologist for CTEH, Dr. Mike Berg, CIH, CSP of San Antonio, Texas is well-versed in the fields of chemical emergency response; human and environmental toxicology; and cell biology and physiology. This month, he was asked to share this deep industry knowledge during a “Global Health and Environmental Aspects of Disaster Risk Reduction” graduate course at his alma mater, Baylor University.

During his two-day lecture series, Dr. Berg focused on disaster trends, principles and practices, as well as the vital role health and environmental sectors play in disaster management. He kicked off the class by providing an overview of a HAZMAT response, basic chemical information, chemical exposure values and air monitoring and sampling instrumentation. He then gave his students an opportunity to “test” their new skills with interactive drills and an online exposure values scavenger hunt. On the second day, he discussed chemical exposure values, evacuation and re-entry decision-making, crisis communication and data uses after HAZMAT responses—complete with real-life drills and case studies.  

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