Epidemiologist. Statistician. Health Scientist. Master of Public Health. Katelyn Hall holds many distinguished titles. The latest addition to the list: PhD.

Based in our Denver office, Katelyn was recently welcomed back from maternity leave with an unprecedented challenge: the coronavirus pandemic. Within days of her return, she was working closely with our partners to address COVID-19-related issues. At the same time, she spent countless hours helping CTEH build and deploy innovative internal and external response tools—from contact tracing to interactive COVID-19 dashboards. She’s been able to accomplish these impressive feats all while completing her PhD in epidemiology, caring for a newborn, and, as her colleagues noted, “maintaining an infectiously good attitude.”

Please join us in congratulating Katelyn Hall, MPH, PhD! We’re proud to recognize your success as June’s Employee of the Month, and we can’t wait to see what you achieve in the future.