We’re excited to highlight Industrial Hygienist Brooke Whitenburg as our April employee of the month. In her nomination, Brooke was praised for her helpfulness and willingness to manage projects while maintaining a high standard of quality.

What does a typical day at CTEH look like to you?

My normal routine has certainly changed as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, but if anything, my workload has become busier than ever. I write cleaning and disinfection protocols and oversee operations both in-person and remotely. I support certain clients in developing health screening procedures for their workers which I then also oversee onsite, and I collaborate with clients on location-specific advisement for their workforce.

What brought you to CTEH?

I was drawn to CTEH because of its emphasis on scientific data and for the opportunities to develop a range of skillsets on various projects. Once I arrived, it was the people that locked me in. People in this company have always been willing to help others succeed, whether it’s your first day or your 5,000th, and I do my best to be a part of that culture and pay it forward.

What do you enjoy most about working at CTEH?

I enjoy the diversity of the projects that we encounter. The challenge in the field is thinking beyond your normal parameters and formulating an innovative solution.

Do you have a favorite CTEH memory?

One memory that always makes me laugh was during a major response last year. A few of us were working in the on-site CTEH operations command center. During a particularly hectic day, I looked across the table to see a coworker talking into two phones, one held up to each ear, with a third on speakerphone, all while relaying data from a computer. My first thought was, “wow, this is quintessential CTEH,” and the second was, “why didn’t I think of that?”

What sets CTEH apart from other companies?

Our adaptability. We have a conglomeration of experts in various fields, with the drive and skills to innovate and develop new solutions to ever-evolving problems. In a company that normally operates in reactive situations, our people have proven once again how proactive we can be and by doing so, how we can help our clients and their employees mitigate potentially dangerous situations.