Most people are aware that some of the harshest chemicals in homes are the ones we use to keep it clean.  Ammonia is found in many cleaning products, including window cleaners, fertilizers, plastics, and pesticides. In our latest video, our Dr. Kelly Scribner offers several methods for lowering your exposure to chemicals in cleaning supplies and explains more about these chemicals.

Ammonia & Bleach
Ammonia gas can be strong smelling and an irritant, and extended contact while cleaning can cause skin irritation.  However, research has shown that the levels of ammonia found in general household cleaning products is unlikely to produce significant exposures.  Bleach is also present in many cleaning and personal care products.  Household bleaches normally contain approximately 5 percent sodium hypochlorite, at which levels exposures would be irritating and potentially corrosive to the skin, eyes, and gastrointestinal tract.

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