ICS Response Management

Providing Expert Personnel When They’re Needed Most

We leverage decades of experience to assist clients during crises with expert emergency response leadership. Our emergency responders have experience as incident commanders, planning chiefs, operations section chiefs, public information and liaison officers as well as technical roles within the safety and environmental units.

We understand clients expect our consultants to be able to augment within their Spill Management Team (SMT)  and Incident Management Team (IMT). The experience mentioned above has led to the collective development of the CTEH Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT), consisting of experts that can respond to fill a single role or within coordination with our Toxicology Emergency Response Program (TERP). In addition to these, we've developed Plan & Command, a cutting-edge cloud-based response management tool that allows teams to focus on the response instead of the software in use. Learn more about Plan & Command here.

CTEH ICS response management services can be used to:

  • Mobilize to and Manage an all-threats/all-hazard event - 24/7/365
  • Develop working plans and lead response through IC system
  • Establish a common operating pictures
  • Produce ICS Forms
  • Improve agency coordination and stakeholder communication through our culture of transparency
  • Develop crisis communication and improve JIC operations

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