Restoration Support Service

Trust but Verify

CTEH spends hours and days providing digital and in-person restoration support training to our employees. In addition to consultants and other SMEs with decades of experience providing worker and construction oversight, scope of work verification, and site assessment, we are also prepared to field teams specializing in:

  • Moisture Mapping
  • Restorative Drying Process Monitoring
  • Damage Assessment
  • Asset Tracking

All parties involved in a disaster can lean on CTEH as a reliable, independent third-party assessor to validate and verify work. This service greatly reduces friction on job sites and contributes to continued high customer service. 

Support for Contractors

CTEH has a proven history of helping contractors get paid faster. By utilizing our services as a third-party verification, our technicians can ensure your field teams are cutting, demolishing, treating, or drying the correct portions of structures to the agreed-upon levels. Daily reporting to field supervisors makes sure any issues are identified early and on-site, before an invoice ever reaches your client.

Support for Business Owners and Insurance Companies

CTEH field teams are trained to be thorough, detail-oriented, and dedicated to protecting your properties. In the heat of the emergency, contractor crews move extremely quickly to try and restore properties so you and your clients can return to normal as fast as possible. Our technicians carry the newest equipment and are thoroughly trained in its use, as well as in complete data collection. We can help verify the work and pace reported by your contractors, and notify of any issues on the spot so that they can be corrected before it reaches the level of invoice or contract dispute. 

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