Remedial Solutions

Experts In The Development Of Risk-based Cleanup Solutions

CTEH offers full-service solutions for environmental remediation. Our services range from initial site assessment and feasibility studies to remedial design implementation, maintenance, and monitoring. Our consultants are experienced in soil, sediment, and water contamination; providing solutions tailored to site conditions and unique needs. We proactively work to achieve results which preserve time and money and serve the long-term needs of both our clients and the environment.

We are capable of integrating remedial design and construction of proven and emerging technologies. These provide a seamless remediation that accomplishes the goals of compliance attainment and closure. Our knowledge across numerous markets provides us with vast experience in site remediation technologies that can be tailored to meet very complex needs. CTEH can also provide objective-driven solutions in the areas of facility decommissioning, rehabilitation, and demolition.

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