Medical Clearance and Drug Screening

Efficient and Reliable Screening Services That Don’t Disrupt Business

When clearances and screenings are required, it's of the utmost importance to choose a partner whose results you can count on. CTEH is often asked to perform employee medical clearance activities and assist in collecting biological samples (blood, plasma, urine, skin, hair) for analysis of toxic chemical exposure. Our nurses perform annual examinations in a wide variety of industries that include vision screening, pulmonary function testing, respirator fit testing (quantitative and qualitative), urinalysis, vital signs, OSHA medical questionnaire review, assessments for methylene chloride, isocyanate, hexavalent chromium, benzene, and other chemical exposures. 

The equipment used in the medical surveillance program is mobile, making it easy for our nurses to travel to any client's site. CTEH has NIOSH certified nursing staff to perform pulmonary function and respiratory fitness testing and have experience with testing large groups of workers. We work quickly and diligently to complete the assessments to avoid keeping the workers away from their job duties. Our ability to be mobile has proven to be very valuable to our clients to help minimize business interruption. We strive to provide the services you need without disrupting your work environment.

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