About Anthony

Tony Palagyi is a highly experienced senior program manager with over 35 years in emergency response and crisis management. His extensive career includes roles as an environmental regulator, industry project/program manager, and consultant. Tony has participated in over 40 spill events, fire investigations, natural disasters, and other emergency situations globally, often serving in key roles such as Environmental Unit Lead, NRDA Coordinator, and Wildlife Unit Lead. He has worked with numerous Oil Spill Response Organizations (OSROs), government agencies, and environmental groups.

Tony has managed various environmental projects, receiving accolades like Texaco’s President Superstar Award and the WA Department of Ecology’s Environmental Excellence Award. His expertise encompasses spill response, NRDA, SCAT, habitat restoration, permitting, regulatory compliance, and environmental assessment and remediation. He has also provided litigation support in oil and gas and NRDA cases, focusing on proper staff training, planning, and crisis management.

Tony’s academic background in ecological studies has driven his management of restoration projects in beach, wetland, and aquatic habitats. His recent work includes assessing biological impacts for proposed offshore wind installations and conducting risk/liability assessments for environmental compliance. Recognized as a Qualified Individual (QI) and an expert in litigation support, Tony continues to contribute to environmental protection and restoration through his leadership and extensive field experience.

Past or Current Professional Affiliations

    • 40-HR HAZWOPER Certification
    • Registered Environmental Assessor – Washington
    • PADI SCUBA Certification
    • Oiled Bird Handling and Cleaning