About Anton

Mr. Avguchenko is an experienced IT professional with a solid business/technical skillset and demonstrated success in data management, process automation, process optimization, systems integration, data quality control and assurance, software development, process documentation, project management, and client relationships. He is a proficient problem-solver who envisions business and technical perspectives to develop efficient, usable solutions that assist organizations in creating uniformity to deliver results.

Mr. Avguchenko raised and led a team of 12 data managers within CTEH, LLC. He is experienced with managing detailed logistics of large-scale emergency projects and planned drills for a variety of industries, including: transportation, petroleum, and industrial plants. He provides added value to every project, instills trust and confidence in clients, works exceptionally well under pressure, and communicates ideas clearly and effectively.

Specialized Skills

  • CDBG-DR Project Management
  • CDBG-DR Construction Management
  • FEMA Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power (STEP) Program
  • Disaster Recovery Process Planning CarbonCM Development
  • Business Process Management framework design and implementation
  • Database front-end and back-end design and implementation
  • Dataflow Optimization
  • Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process design and implementation
  • Multi-System Integration
  • Data quality assurance process design and implementation
  • Development of client-oriented software solutions