About James

Mr. Panasiuk is experienced in the fields of industrial hygiene health and safety. He brings applied experience to the consulting industry as a former HVAC design engineer for six years in the healthcare and educational sectors and several years managing emergency responses to occupational hygiene projects. Mr. Panasiuk was the lead Industrial Hygienist for the BP Oil Spill for Louisiana and the lead for the Gulf Coast Restoration Organization (GCRO), established by BP to manage the MC252 remediation efforts across all four impacted states. In the IH capacity, he managed emergency response issues, conducted air and noise monitoring and process industrial hygiene audits.

He has been intimately involved in over fifty projects over the last five years and has experience collecting a broad range of occupational exposure samples. He has interacted with local, State, and Federal agencies during chemical emergencies to work towards a common goal of bringing the incident to a close. Mr. Panasiuk has performed exposure assessments for a variety of chemical agents including inorganic compounds, volatile organic compounds, and particulates in occupational facilities and during emergency response incidents throughout the United States.

James specializes in Industrial Hygiene for worker safety and health, air monitoring during chemical releases for the safety and health of potentially affected communities, and the Incident Command System Safety role. He has responded to refinery and chemical plant releases, chemical storage facility fires, pipeline releases, train derailments, offshore and onshore well blowouts, and barge and vessel releases across North America. James has experience conducting IH monitoring for OSHA and US Coast Guard compliance. His expertise includes working with local, state and federal agencies to gain approval for health and safety work plans submitted through Unified Command for air, soil and water sampling during release events, and developing site safety and health plans for cleanup workers.

Registrations & Certifications

    • OSHA HAZWOPER 40-Hour
    • First Aid & Safety
    • NIMS ICS 300

Past or Current Professional Affiliations

    • American Industrial Hygiene Association
    • American Society of Safety Engineers
    • ASHREA