About Kamie

Kamie Stecher is an environmental response consultant for CTEH, LLC. She has experience with environmental compliance programs, sampling, site safety, chemical emergency responses and industrial hygiene for the safety of workers and the community potentially impacted by physical and chemical hazards. Ms. Stecher has experience with Clean Water and Clean Air Act requirements and has conducted numerous site investigations related to water, soil and sediment impact. She also has conducted air monitoring/ environmental sampling for a variety of chemicals and agents including acids, volatile organic compounds, and particulates, in industrial facilities, and during emergency response incidents.

Ms. Stecher has experience performing facility environmental investigations and audits and writing SPCC and SWPPP material. She has experience as a safety observer and monitor for construction and heavy equipment operations related to earth moving activities, demolition, plant decommissioning and maritime. Daily she performs and helps mentor colleagues on proper air monitoring techniques, environmental sampling procedures, personal protective equipment use, implementation of site health and safety plans, and coordinating with operational site activities including familiarity with heavy equipment, during chemical emergencies and remediation projects.

Registrations & Certifications

    • Registered Environmental Manager (REM)
    • 40-Hour Hazwoper
    • NREP Certified Environmental Scientist
    • NIMS IS-700.a and IS 701.a
    • NIMS ICS-300 and ICS-400
    • Houston Area Safety Council
    • Railroad Contractor Orientation