Our Approach

A firm built on emergency response.

For decades, CTEH has combined scientific rigor with on-the-ground expertise to systematically solve the most challenging environmental problems.

Two people dressed in dark blue shirts and pants are walking towards a small jet on a clear runway, holding an orange folder. Orange cones are placed near the aircraft, and it's a sunny day with a clear sky. Our approach can be characterized by innovation and customer satisfaction.

The secret to rapid response is long-term thinking. In our case, that means well over three decades of understanding what makes emergency response work, how to best organize and deploy resources, and where to most productively focus attention. 

We have also thought a lot about when. Whether that question is related to cleaning up a spill in a sensitive area or putting systems in place to avoid future crises, the answer is always “as soon as humanly possible.”

A person in protective gear with a hard hat labeled

CTEH was founded by four exposure health experts, with the specific goal of bringing scientific rigor and practical answers to environmental emergency response. We quickly became a trusted resource for companies and government entities who needed to solve complex problems, and had no time to waste.  

As we have expanded to serve our clients, we have diligently maintained that original drive to get things done. We approach the demands of preparedness, information technology, and litigation — key areas that can have a dramatic impact on both short- and long-term success — with equal vigor.

A man and a woman are standing together in an office. The man, wearing a navy blue polo shirt, is holding a notepad with a pen. The woman, dressed in black, is looking at the notepad as they appear to be discussing an environmental consulting project.

What makes all of this possible is a proven process and project management system built for both speed and accuracy. From chemical cleanup and occupational hygiene to environmental strategy and litigation response, we put our extensive expertise to work on your behalf.

Step by step. Fact by fact. Assay by assay. Second by second. That is how we take on your most difficult environmental issues.