Drug and Alcohol Impairment

Tenured Expertise in Assessing the Effects of Drugs and Alcohol

The presence of illicit or non-prescribed drugs and/or alcohol in an employee’s system can cause impairment, and post-accident testing is required by many employers and regulatory bodies. CTEH provides expert Medical Review Officer (MRO) services for interpretation and reporting of post-accident drug and alcohol testing results. In addition, even properly prescribed drugs can cause impairment, and our experts can help evaluate and advise employers of prescription drug use policy in the workplace.

The goal of our drug and alcohol testing and evaluation services is to provide random, post-accident and pre-employment testing to help protect you, your workers, and your facilities.

Additionally, biological modeling of drugs and alcohol can assist clients to determine intoxication at any given time point when individual variables are known (e.g., blood concentration, body characteristics, gender, and ethnicity). Our experts have provided independent scientific evaluations in cases involving impairment associated with drugs and alcohol in dram shop and insurance liability cases.

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