A wildfire burns through a forested area near a roadway. Smoke rises and darkens the sky as flames consume vegetation. In an example of emergency response, a lone vehicle travels down the road on the right side of the image, approaching the smoke-filled area. Trees and dry grass are visible.

Scientific expertise for real-world challenges.

CTEH has unmatched experience in the field of exposure assessment and toxicology. Count on us to help you plan for, deal with, and overcome environmental issues.

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People enjoying a park at sunset, some cycling on a pathway while others sit on the grass or benches. The park, adjacent to a body of water, showcases a serene and picturesque atmosphere as the sun sets. Trees provide shade, contributing to an environment that even an environmental consulting firm would admire.

Leading the way in exposure science and public health.

Advancing knowledge for a sustainable future.

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A large warehouse with tall shelves filled with boxes and packages. Four workers in orange safety vests and helmets are standing and talking in a spacious central area, possibly discussing environmental consulting. There is a forklift nearby and various pieces of equipment scattered around the warehouse.

Helping protect the health of your workers.

Occupational hygiene focuses on ensuring the people you count on can count on a healthy work environment. CTEH helps you take on established challenges and emerging risks.

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Our seasoned team is standing by to help you.


When there’s time to get ready.

Risk Mitigation


When there’s no time to waste.

Emergency Response


When there’s more to be done.

Recovery Services

Expert Services

From unbiased support to insightful strategic consulting, CTEH experts turn complex scenarios into clear, compelling, and effective solutions.

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A bald man with a beard is standing against a gray background, wearing a gray suit with a white shirt and a patterned green tie. He is smiling, his arms crossed, embodying confidence as he represents an expert in environmental consulting.

Health and Safety

Take a proactive approach to health and safety that helps protect your workforce, facilities, and communities. Keep up with evolving regulations to manage liabilities, reduce costs, and build a culture of safety.

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A bright orange construction hard hat with a sleek design features a central ridge for added reinforcement, ensuring optimal occupational health. The hard hat appears new and clean, displayed against a plain white background.