CTEH Spotlight: Christine Millner, MBA (Part II)

Check out more of our conversation with Christine Millner, MBA, CTEH’s Manager of Quality Management in Part II of this CTEH Spotlight:

Tell us more about your previous production and research laboratory experience. How does this tie into your work today?

My laboratory experience helped me become familiar with the types of environmental or product samples CTEH sends to labs. I now have a first-hand understanding of the issues of different methods or instruments, as well as potential limitations of the data, and how these might impact our project goals. Because I can anticipate how long it will take to get results for certain projects, I am able to better communicate with our project managers and clients on what to expect. This has been a huge asset to our company, especially in this time-sensitive industry. In the emergency response field, we need data as soon as possible so we can make data-driven and site-specific decisions. Being able to clearly communicate the methods required and expected timeline allow us deliver quality data to our clients.

You’ve held several different positions at CTEH. What led you to your current role?

While in school for my MBA, I took several operations management-related courses. Surprisingly, the scientist in me very much related to the orders of operation and review of systems from the macro versus micro point of view. I immediately took what I learned in the classroom to our business. I started asking better questions, thinking through how things affected our clients and how I could create positive change. Operations management and infrastructure are the backbone of most organizations. So, it was natural to have conversations about how we could ensure quality and consistently improve. These discussions paved the way for my current role as Manager of Quality Management.

You’ve been around CTEH for most of your life. How has this impacted your understanding and desire to solve client challenges?

I have held at least six different positions at CTEH, which have all built upon each other. Like any young professional early in their career, I initially did the work that was asked of me. As I honed my skill set and developed industry experience, I started proactively taking on issues and thinking through potential outcomes. I’m now able to provide guidance on the best path forward, quickly make decisions and get our clients what they need. Thanks to my experience at CTEH, I’m faster, more knowledgeable and more experienced—qualities that allow me to better serve our clients.

What industry or community organizations are you involved with?

Outside of work, you’ll find me volunteering with my local church, Second Baptist Church in downtown Little Rock. I’ve served for more than a decade with the Junior League of Little Rock (JLLR). I’m proud to have held many leadership positions with JLLR, which has led to my current role as Board of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation—Arkansas Chapter. I truly believe we are called to serve our local community and I try, with others, to make a difference. As my pastor said last week, if we all work together that is how we can change the world.


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