Employee of the Month: Max Young

When there’s an urgent client need or a looming project deadline, Max Young, Corporate IT and Help Desk Specialist, will do whatever it takes to get it done—even if that means pulling an all-nighter. Recently, Max had an extremely short window to equip an on-the-ground team. He immediately jumped in, pre-configuring, shipping, and completing the documentation for the 50 required devices well after hours. As his colleagues know, Max is dedicated, hardworking, and always willing to go above and beyond to meet a goal. Learn more about our November Employee of the Month below:

What do your day-to-day duties entail?
I’m responsible for ensuring everyone has their technical needs met. I help keep our company’s technological wheels greased, including by being proactive and watching for potential issues before they arise. I also consider friendliness a duty and try to be as personable as possible.

What initially brought you to CTEH?
I started as a Rapid Responder. I quickly learned how much I love my colleagues, so it was an easy decision to join full time!

What’s your favorite part of working here?
The people. It’s amazing to see how brilliant minds come together to solve real problems. I also enjoy the nature of our work. It’s interesting, critical, and focused on helping others. At CTEH, we are truly people helping people.

What sets CTEH apart?
Our leadership takes a bold approach when seeking out clients and addressing challenges. We have a sharp edge in technology because of visionary individuals like Brady Davis, Director of Technology. He deserves a pat on the back for how he has built and managed our team. I’m just a guy who wants to do his best, and our leaders help me reach that goal.

Thank you, Max! We’re proud to have you on our team!