Full Steam Ahead: Christine Millner, MBA

From managing large-scale projects to innovative client management systems, Christine Millner, MBA, Director of Quality Management and Senior Consultant, exemplifies quality in all she does. We are proud to share that Christine was recently featured in Inviting Arkansas as a leading woman in the STEAM field! Read her full spotlight below.

Beginning Interests… I’ve always held jobs in the scientific field. As director of quality management, I’m able to experience the best of both worlds by combining my love of science with my business acumen. 

Career Evolution… I have worked in many different roles at CTEH – from benchtop lab chemist to emergency response manager as well as environmental consultant. While commuting to Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management, I began thinking about how I could combine my scientific background with the lessons learned to improve our corporate processes. With our founders’ support, I launched our quality management division. Today, my team works hand-in-hand with every department to ensure we are using our resources and processes as effectively and strategically as possible.

Surprising but True… Often, women seek careers that have been modeled for them. Sometimes, they may not even be aware of the possibilities available in STEAM or related fields. By more women taking on these positions, they have the opportunity to make a real impact – for themselves and future generations. I promise, ladies, future generations are watching us now.

Advice… As women, we need to encourage and praise our younger counterparts. It takes a village, but together we can give them the skills and, just as importantly, the confidence they need to explore STEAM careers.

LOVE the Work… We are there to help people on their worst days. When we go into homes, schools or workplaces after a disaster and are able to offer comfort, it turns catastrophe into something very personal. It makes me proud of our team and what we do.

Congratulations, Christine! Thank you for always leading CTEH with quality.