Let’s Hear it for Jeff Hicks

In his nearly 15 years at CTEH, Jeff Hicks has shown us there’s nothing he can’t do. As lead software developer, Jeff has helped create custom data and technology solutions—like CarbonCM—to help our partners with emergency responses, environmental monitoring, construction project management and more. His groundbreaking work has been critical to our company’s success and our continued growth.

That’s why we were proud to present Jeff with the inaugural Glenn Millner Innovative Services Award. As we like to say at CTEH, Jeff is a “market disruptor” whose work has been “truly transformational.” We applaud him for his continual efforts to “develop and apply better solutions to meet new requirements, unarticulated needs or existing markets” all while helping CTEH “maintain a cutting-edge advantage in all we do.”

Congratulations to our in-house innovator, Jeff Hicks! Keep up the good work.