Burns are a global health and safety threat. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 180,000 deaths are attributed to burns annually, with many occurring in the workplace. In the U.S. alone, the American Burn Association reports nearly 500,000 burn injuries require medical attention each year.

Fortunately, these dangerous incidents can be prevented with the proper workplace awareness and training. This Burn Awareness Week, our experts are sharing a few tips from the WHO and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to help employers promote safe working environments for their teams:

  • Maintain working smoke alarm systems, fire sprinklers, and fire escape systems in all buildings and facilities
  • Implement CDC and Occupational Health and Safety Administration-compliant workplace health and safety guidelines, from encouraging the use of less hazardous chemicals, where possible, to outlining proper employee attire
  • Conduct regular workplace trainings and fire safety education courses, including basic first-aid for potential burn victims
  • Familiarize employees with their designated buildings’ exits, evacuation plans, designated outdoor emergency meeting places, and site-specific protocols
  • Ensure buildings’ fire exits are unlocked and free of debris at all times

    Whether it’s fire safety or hazardous materials training, CTEH’s scientific experts are able to provide customized, hands-on instruction to help keep people safe. If your workplace needs assistance, contact us at webquestion@cteh.com.