The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) lives by the motto “always ready.” Since its founding in 1790, its service members have protected and defended our nation’s interests in ports and inland waterways, as well as along coasts and in international waters.

On Coast Guard Day, we were proud to celebrate our very own USCG veteran: Kelly Wilson, REM, CESCO, Vice President of CTEHRM. Kelly served for nearly four years with the USCG on active duty, as well as four years in the reserve. During that time, he helped respond to oil and gas and hazardous materials incidents at the largest petrochemical port in the U.S. Today, he utilizes this valuable experience to help entities around the globe with risk mitigation and management.

Please join us in saluting Kelly Wilson and the entire USCG for their service. From responding to maritime challenges to ensuring compliance with Coast Guard standards, CTEH is honored to work alongside you.