CTEH professionals hold professional certifications beyond the academic degrees that qualify them for work in this field. In our last post, we shared a list of certifications that are held by members of our professional staff, and this week, we’re going to go into more detail of what those certifications mean.

CSP: Certified Safety Professional. As with most certifications, a professional earning the CSP credential has demonstrated educational success and experience at required levels and passed a difficult and demanding exam to prove his or her knowledge and expertise. According to the Board of Certified Safety of Professionals, this particular certification is the most valued in the industry and is the mark of the most sought-after safety experts.

CHMM: Certified Hazardous Material Manager. This certification is overseen by the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management, and requires proof of education, experience and command of the knowledge, skills and abilities in the field as assessed by a rigorous examination. As with most certifications, it  requires ongoing maintenance to retain it after it is initially earned.

REM: Registered Environmental Manager. The National Registry of Environmental Professionals oversees this certification, listed as the highest professional and managerial credential in the field. Men and women with this certification have demonstrated mastery of environmental auditing, hazardous materials management and transportation and real estate environmental assessment.

AHIP: Academy of Health Information Professionals Certified Librarians. The Medical Library Association grants the AHIP certification to those in the field who have a master’s degree and show various levels of professional accomplishment and tenure of experience.

COHN: Certified Occupational Health Nurse. The American Board of Occupational Health Nurses offers this program as a voluntary means of credentialing nurses in this particular profession. This isn’t licensure, but rather a certification of expertise in a special practice area at specified levels. It, like all certifications, demonstrates a professional’s development and commitment to professionalism in his or her field. 

In our next post, we’ll feature one of these well-credentialed CTEH professionals.