Since joining CTEH during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, Ashley Reardon has served as an integral member of our company’s technology team. Today, she drives quality for our company by helping oversee data sets at large-scale events for both private and public stakeholders, including local, state and federal agencies. Recently, she received the Phil Goad Quality Focus Award for her commitment to excellence and her laser focus on “delivering superior consulting services to our clients.” Find out more about Ashley and her role as a data management manager below:

What do your day-to-day duties entail?
For the last year, my focus has been helping with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Austin, Texas. During these types of incidents, I’m responsible for taking large quantities of data, organizing it, and presenting it to stakeholders in a consumable way people with different backgrounds and experience levels can understand. This information can help inform public safety decisions, community outreach, and site operations. For example, here in Austin, we built a custom technology solution to help streamline how both our clients and partners report data.

What do you like most about being a data manager at CTEH?
It’s really rewarding to come into a room during the height of an incident, rapidly assess the situation, and develop a technology strategy to help resolve challenges.

What is your favorite part of working at CTEH?
One of the great things about being a data manager at CTEH is the level of trust people place in our ability to find the right solution and execute it successfully. We have the freedom to create innovative and often unprecedented solutions. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to use my creativity and experience to further build my skill set. CTEH puts a priority on its employees’ growth. Our company’s leadership has always encouraged us and provided the resources and support to help us grow and meet our goals.

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