Chase Selby, ASP is known as a “wearer of many hats” at CTEH. As director of innovative services, he is responsible for overseeing many of our company’s programs and projects across North America—from disaster recovery to construction management. Find out more about Chase in Part I of this CTEH Spotlight:

What does CTEH’s “innovative services” division entail? 
We started this division with the goal of utilizing CTEH’s core strengths—specialized management; high-tech solutions; rapid app development; and an emergency response mindset—and applying them to other industries in need of innovative solutions. Since it was created in 2017, our team has quickly grown. It now includes Jeff Hicks and Anton Avguchenko who oversee our data and technology operations, as well as Brendon Bailey and Jacob Fenske who handle our senior management and project management. Just recently, we welcomed Aaron Mitchell, construction manager and senior project coordinator; Jim Ratliff, construction manager; and Luke Blansett, a senior project coordinator and IT consultant.

Among your many roles, you serve as director of disaster recovery for CTEH government services. What do your day-to-day duties include? 
Every day, I provide high-level consulting to our clients—from state governments to federal entities—and conduct strategic planning to keep up with our team’s rapidly growing project load. Amidst these various responsibilities, I’m always looking for new ways our division can better serve our current and future partners.

Along with CTEH’s technology team, you helped develop CarbonCM®. Why did you create this?
For several years now, CTEH has supported construction management firms during the disaster recovery process. During this work, we discovered a dire need for a technology solution. So, we developed a tool— CarbonCM®—to help the industry better manage its projects on the ground. It was an immediate success. Now, entities can use CarbonCM® to efficiently and effectively manage construction projects in real-time.

What are the main benefits of CarbonCM®?
These construction management projects are fast moving—oftentimes with hundreds or thousands of work orders. CarbonCM® provides transparency and project visibility so entities can quickly see where work orders stand. Second, it allows for project tracking. Once a designated user logs in, he can easily find out what phase each property is in (e.g., intake, eligibility, close out, etc.) Third, it provides the ability to forecast. Entities can see in real-time the amount of time each step takes so, if needed, they can modify or update construction schedules. Finally, it allows for finance management by giving easy oversight of work order amounts and payments.

Want to know about Chase? Check back for Part II of his CTEH Spotlight.