Since 2008, Chase Selby, ASP has quickly moved through CTEH’s ranks—from environmental scientist to project manager to our current director of innovative services. Learn more about Chase’s remarkable career in Part II of this CTEH Spotlight:

You’re currently helping manage disaster recovery projects in South Carolina, West Virginia, Texas and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Tell us more.
With each of these projects, we’ve had the opportunity to fulfill different roles. Following natural disasters in South Carolina, CTEH served as a builder. In West Virginia, we were the construction manager of the state’s disaster recovery program. In Texas, we partnered with the Texas General Land Office to manage two of FEMA’s long-term recovery housing programs, DALHR (Direct Assistance for Limited Home Repair) and MAQ. Most recently, we customized our software tool, CarbonCM℠, to assist with the ongoing disaster recovery efforts in the U.S. Virgin Islands after Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

What do you think makes CTEH different than other industry players?
CTEH started as an emergency response-oriented company. We know first-hand that disaster recovery projects can be large and complex. So we’ve successfully put in place standardized processes to help our partners better manage them. We’ve never shied away from a challenge. As a company, we have an inclination for action. We’re ready and able to solve problems—24/7/365. It’s this mindset that has allowed us to become a valuable partner to so many in the industry.

Why do you believe clients choose CarbonCM® over traditional disaster recovery services?
To put it simply, there’s no other software tool like CarbonCM®. It’s the only all-inclusive system in the market. As many in our industry know, federal disaster recovery programs are very ambitious. These initiatives are designed to serve tens of thousands of individuals in a brief timeframe. CarbonCM® makes that possible. Thanks to this cutting-edge software, entities are able to see what’s happening on the ground at all times. Even better, they’re able to see the results of their work for years to come. In the past, records were maintained on paper or with Excel spreadsheets. CarbonCM® allows entities to store valuable data in perpetuity. It’s been a real game changer for the industry.

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