Since 2012, Jacob Fenske has helped CTEH develop and execute plans to manage government relief projects. Jacob brings years of project management experience within the emergency response industry which has led to his ability to be predictive of obstacles, react and resolve potential challenges quickly, and communicate effectively with stakeholders at all levels of the process. Find out more about Jacob and his work below:

What do your day-to-day duties as a CTEH Government Services consultant entail?
As a consultant for CTEH’s disaster recovery division I work with government agencies like FEMA to aid in recovery. I’m currently stationed in Austin, Texas working to rehome people displaced by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. It’s a challenging job, but such an honor to be able to provide some normalcy to those affected by the hurricane.

You previously served as a project manager for CTEH. How did this prepare you for your current role? 
Serving as a Toxicology Emergency Response Program Project manager for four years teaches you to be creative and come up with innovative solutions. When you work for CTEH you have to solve problems that most people never experience. Every day is a different problem that challenges you in a new way. Disaster response is very chaotic, our job is to take the chaos and put structure to it. Here at CTEH, it is engrained in us to be efficient and fast to get the job done.

What is your favorite part of working at CTEH?
Every day is different! Just when you start to get comfortable in this job, you move on to another task or a completely different challenge presents itself. Every day there is a new problem to solve that is different and unique. It is so rewarding to figure out something new.

I am in awe of the employees of CTEH. We all come from different backgrounds, but we work together seamlessly. We all have an incredible work ethic and have made certain sacrifices for work, which builds respect and trust between colleagues that I bet a lot of companies don’t have.

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