In 2016, industry veteran Paul Hart, CSP joined the CTEH team as our company’s new corporate health and safety manager. In this role, he is responsible for providing corporate EHS (environment, health and safety) program oversight and compliance to help protect workers, the public and the environment. Find out more about Paul and his work at CTEH below:

What do your day-to-day duties at CTEH include?

At CTEH, my job is to help prevent harm. My responsibilities include everything from updating written safety programs to providing safety-training classes. Regardless of whether I’m visiting a field project or supporting safety efforts to encourage safe work, I’m always committed to protecting people’s health and safety.

You previously provided health and safety support to the energy sector (i.e., natural gas drilling, oil and gas production). How does this experience benefit your work at CTEH? 

It’s important to have an understanding of what clients expect when it comes to safety and health. Each client has specific needs, requirements and processes that affect their individual safety culture. Because of my previous experience, I am able to contribute an experienced perspective and provide insight into how various companies can achieve their own levels of success.

You’ve been responsible for overseeing safety programs for large corporations with thousands of employees. What did these experiences teach you?

Through my previous experiences, I learned there are a few key items that must be implemented in order to create a safe work environment and culture. First, executive leaders must always demonstrate a commitment to safety. Companies must also develop effective safety processes and employ talented leaders who can implement them. Together, these items allow companies to lead and support their employees in working safely every day.

What brought you to CTEH?

My family has lived in Central Arkansas for 13 years. I was looking for an organization where I could advance my career while still living in the area I love. CTEH was the perfect fit. The leadership team is committed to workplace safety and health and providing our employees with a challenging, yet rewarding work environment.

Are you involved with any industry or community organizations?

As a member and former chapter officer of the Arkansas Chapter for the American Society of Safety Engineers, I assist with chapter meeting and planning activities in Central Arkansas. My family and I are also very involved in our church. Together, we support the Soaring Wings Ranch, a foster home, as an extended family to foster children. We are currently pursuing foster home approval through The Call. We are very excited about the opportunity to help solve the foster care crisis in our community.

Want to find out more about Paul? Connect with him on LinkedIn.