WEDNESDAY, JULY 1, 2015 – The Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health, LLC. (CTEH®) is pleased to announce Cole Ledbetter, Industrial Hygiene Project Manager, is now a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) as recognized by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH).

Mr. Ledbetter received a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Toxicology at Arkansas Tech University and began his career at CTEH® as an entry level industrial hygienist and responder. He has participated in over 40 emergency responses involving a wide variety of chemicals, including: petroleum products, solvents, acids, ammonia, metals, and complex industrial fires involving dozens to hundreds of chemicals. His years of experience and hard work have afforded him the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally; leading to his promotion to an Industrial Hygiene Project Manager.

Mr. Ledbetter has over 10 years of industrial hygiene consulting experience. At CTEH®, he works on a broad range of occupational human-health based issues including annual IH program assessments, worker exposure, indoor air quality, asbestos, mold, legionella, noise assessment and control, workplace hazard analysis and OSHA compliance.

The CIH is recognized globally and considered the “gold standard” of recognition within the industrial hygiene and safety industries. “We couldn’t be more proud to have another member of our team joining our pack of CIH’s. I am very happy for Cole. The CIH distinguishes an individual and states they value education, technical proficiency and committed to continuous improvement. CTEH® is always committed to providing highly technical and credible professionals to help our clients navigate through their human health challenges,” David Watts, CIH, Vice President of Operations.

Mr. Ledbetter is a true testament to CTEH®’s dedication to continual improvement and promoting professional certification of team members. “Obtaining my CIH certification has been a personal goal for a few years. It is nice to see my years of real world experience translated in to being recognized as an expert in the industry. I look forward to continuously helping my clients.” Ledbetter stated.

CTEH® is devoted to maintaining a team of multi-disciplined professionals from a broad spectrum of occupational backgrounds and to that end, please join us in congratulating Mr. Ledbetter on his significant achievements over the years.

Industrial Hygiene Certification Background: The term Industrial Hygienist has not been restricted by law, therefore anyone, regardless of experience, can state they are an “Industrial Hygienist”. To aid employers and the public, ABIH was established in 1960 as a voluntary and stringent professional certification program. ABIH is an independent corporation whose sole purpose is to provide a certification program to ensure a minimum level of knowledge and skills in industrial hygiene. The ABIH program has become the world’s largest, premier certification scheme for Industrial Hygienists. ABIH certification is a professional milestone and validated by providing a 3rd party, independent indicator of achievement.