Have you ever wondered, “ Can I drink milk with this antibiotic?” What about, “Will drinking grapefruit juice with statins make me feel sick?” There are many factors that impact the way our medicines work and how they make us feel. This week, Inside CTEH is beginning a new series, “Do these mix?” to help you better understand food and drug interactions and their potential impact on your health.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a food and drug interaction is an alteration in how a medicine works due to food, alcohol or caffeine. These interactions, which are often caused by general misuse or unawareness of active ingredients, can increase or decrease medicines’ effectiveness or create entirely new side effects.

Remember, in order for medicines to work safely and effectively, they must be taken properly. In the coming weeks, Inside CTEH will explore common food and drug interactions, as well as tips for avoiding these interactions. For more information, please visit fda.gov.