Halie Freeman, Logistics Coordinator, is a relatively new addition to the CTEH operations support team. Already, she’s made an indelible impact on her colleagues and those we serve. An adept “problem solver,” she’s been lauded as a key player in our company’s overall response readiness. Even in the midst of COVID-19, she has “eagerly accepted every challenge” and “made order out of chaos” in order to fulfill project requests and help protect our employees’ wellbeing. Learn more about our July Employee of the Month in the Q&A below:

What do your day-to-day duties entail?
As part of the operations team, I help assign employees to projects. Each day, I field at least 50 phone calls,100 emails, and countless text messages about staffing needs, vacations, and rest time to help ensure everyone’s lives are as stress-free as possible. Our field personnel perform very challenging work, so I strive to be a smiling face, a helping hand, and a problem solver for them. I treat each day like a unique puzzle, and I truly have fun doing this job.

What brought you to CTEH?
I previously worked for five years as a veterinary technician. Feeling burned out, I started looking for new career paths that would allow me to use my science background. I discovered CTEH and was intrigued by its services and the opportunity to travel across the U.S. and, potentially, the world. As I’ve found, CTEH is a company where I’m challenged daily and have been able to deepen my knowledge and skill set.

What’s your favorite part of working for CTEH?
The caliber of the people. Being a part of a team that constantly encourages you to grow and chase new opportunities is an incredible feeling. Regardless of your level of education or training, everyone treats you like an equal and takes the time to listen and share their knowledge. Every day is a new adventure. You never know what to expect other than it’s going to be exciting!

What sets CTEH apart?
I’ve never seen another company adapt to changing conditions like we do. Take COVID-19 as an example. We’ve created a whole new business line. I strongly believe we have some of the most capable and intelligent people at our fingertips, and that’s why we are able to successfully solve problems for our clients.

Thank you, Halie, for your continued contributions! We’re proud to have you on the CTEH team.