CTEH is fortunate to have employees who leverage their unique backgrounds and hobbies to help develop innovative solutions for other divisions within our company. Take Jamie Beck, Senior Project Manager, as an example. Recently, he showcased how “safe, reliable, and professional looking our [custom] robotic platforms” can be by assisting the robotics team with protective equipment for Biscuit, our robotic dog. Learn more about our Employee of the Month below:

What do your day-to-day duties entail? 

I am responsible for mentoring and overseeing the activities of our Houston and New Orleans-based Toxicology Emergency Response Program (TERP) project managers and environmental scientists. I also help develop and continually improve our TERP procedures and protocols.

What’s your favorite part of working here?

The people. Over the past eight years, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with intelligent individuals from diverse backgrounds. It is extremely rewarding to learn from these experts and build strong relationships with others within our company. 

What sets CTEH apart?

CTEH includes individuals who are able to create cutting-edge solutions for unique problems in a wide variety of industries. If one of our employees or departments hits a roadblock on a project, then someone else within CTEH will lend a hand. For example, when IT was working on protective equipment for Biscuit, our robotic dog from Boston Dynamics, they came to me for help. Together, we designed a roll cage, so we can safely and effectively deploy Biscuit in more hazardous situations in the future.

Congrats, Jamie, on being named Employee of the Month!