As a Global Preparedness and Crisis Management Specialist and Environmental Scientist, Lani Dorow is known for going “above and beyond.” During COVID-19, her colleagues have praised her for quickly adapting her experience as an emergency responder, trainer, and subject matter expert (SME) to help ensure clients “have everything they need in these unusual times.” She’s overseen complex international projects and regularly conducted virtual trainings and exercises—even in the midst of a move and family wedding. Learn more about Lani, our August Employee of the Month, in the Q&A below:

What is a typical day at CTEH like for you?
One of the great things about CTEH is there is no “typical” day. One day I may be in downtown Houston in a high-rise building serving as an SME. The next I may be in a command trailer in the middle of rural America helping oversee an oil well blowout. This company has given me the opportunity and the privilege of being a comfort to others during some of their most fearful and difficult times.

What brought you to your current role?
I initially joined CTEH as a part-time Rapid Responder in Colorado. At the time, I was a chemistry teacher who needed a second job to fill her summers and spring breaks. I found it exhilarating and fulfilling. When I visited the Houston area office, I decided to take the leap to a full-time employee. Since then, I’ve held numerous roles—from equipment specialist to environmental specialist—and become well-versed in every facet of CTEH’s operations. It’s been quite the journey.

What’s your favorite part of working for CTEH?
The uniqueness. Just as no two emergency responses are the same, no two days at CTEH are the same. This isn’t an 8-5, Monday-Friday job, and that’s why I love it. Each day presents a new challenge that keeps me on my toes.

How has your work changed during COVID-19?
Interestingly enough, the workload has not changed. However, the processes have shifted. Trainings and exercises I normally would have hopped on a plane for are now being done remotely. Despite the challenges COVID-19 has presented, we’re seeing increased interest and participation in these services. Agencies or representatives who previously couldn’t be there physically can now log on and engage from anywhere in the world.

What sets CTEH apart?
We push technology to the limit. Our forward-thinking mindset and quest to serve our partners with the latest equipment and science is instrumental, particularly during unprecedented times like COVID-19. Our data team can take anything—air-monitoring devices, mobile applications, and even mobile robots—and create custom, cutting-edge solutions. You can’t match our commitment to innovation.

Congratulations, Lani! We’re proud to have you as a member of the CTEH team.