In less than two years with CTEH, Lisa Howes has proven to be a born leader who is willing to go above and beyond her role as an Environmental Scientist. During a recent remediation project, she showcased her knowledge, communication skills, and organizational abilities—earning praise from her colleagues and the client alike. For her outstanding job, she deserves to be named October Employee of the Month:

What do your responsibilities as Environmental Scientist include?
I collect and report real-time field data and environmental samples, primarily with air monitoring and soil and water sampling. Every project presents unique challenges and opportunities, whether it be assessing water damage, documenting a plane crash cleanup or, most recently, teaching a HAZWOPER safety course. As part of the Toxicology and Emergency Response Program (TERP), I help with incidents like facility fires, chemical releases, and train derailments. I also assist clients with cleanup projects.

How does your educational background in bioenvironmental sciences benefit you?
My degree gave me a deeper understanding of the concepts I now confront daily. It taught me chemical and toxicological terms, which enable me to interpret safety data and effectively communicate with both clients and my team. It also helped develop my technical writing skills, so I can now succinctly convey scientific information in reports. In addition, my education has helped me appreciate the complex interactions between humans and the environment, honing my critical thinking skills as a consumer and a citizen.

What initially attracted you to CTEH?
I wanted to find a position that was dynamic, challenging, and offered the opportunity to travel. I also wanted a job with field work that would put my degree to use. CTEH fit the bill, and I was especially attracted to the diversity of its projects, which provide valuable experience and well-rounded exposure to the environmental industry.

What’s your favorite part of working at CTEH?
The people. My peers are more than coworkers. They are close friends and excellent mentors who have contributed immensely to my personal and professional growth. Most importantly, they are my support system.

We’re proud to have you on our team, Lisa!