As a member of the data management team, Luke Blansett has learned how to leverage his industry experience with advanced technology solutions to help clients prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. Since COVID-19, he’s become an even stronger leader for our company as an “on-call” resource for his colleagues. As many of our employees have noted, he is not only a conscientious mentor but a supportive friend. Learn more about Luke below:

What does your role with CTEH entail?
I’m currently working with our data managers and developers to build custom web applications to support field teams with COVID-19 testing and related services at film productions around the globe. No matter my day-to-day duties, I always strive to learn from my colleagues, so I can continue to harness my passion for developing innovative solutions to better serve clients.

How has your work or position evolved since COVID-19?
Since I joined the data management team, I’ve had the opportunity to exponentially grow my software and database skill set. I’ve also spent an increasing amount of time advising my colleagues, hearing their challenges, and helping them develop solutions. Even with social distancing and remote work, I’m now spending more one-on-one time with my teammates than ever before.

What initially brought you to CTEH?
It’s funny because my brother, Josh, has worked for CTEH for nearly a decade. However, it was more of a chance happening that led me here. While working toward my CPA, a temporary staffing agency mentioned an open position at a local environmental firm. It turned out to be CTEH. I ended up working in the accounting department part-time before returning several years later to join CTEH DR, our in-house disaster recovery services division.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Everyone says this, but I couldn’t agree more: it’s the people. Our work is interesting, challenging, and exciting. But, like any job, it can also be stressful and fatiguing. Through the good and the bad, I’m continually amazed and thankful for our team.

Congratulations, Luke, on being named Employee of the Month!