The need for rapid, reliable, and ready-to-use COVID-19 vaccination verification and testing programs is more urgent than ever. Last week, the Department of Labor issued an emergency rule mandating American businesses with 100 or more employees ensure their workforces are fully vaccinated or produce negative test results weekly.

During the pandemic, CTEH has worked with clients around the globe to provide innovative health and safety services, including vaccination verification and COVID-19 testing.

We have developed a mobile-friendly Vaccine Information System (VIS). Our platform allows individuals to securely upload their vaccination card in seconds, with 24/7 verification by public health and epidemiological professionals. Once validated, individuals receive a scannable passport for easy, and nearly immediate, on-site use.

Along with our VIS, we’re now offering real-time COVID-19 testing in partnership with Cue Health. Benefits of using these palm-sized, self-contained devices include:

Safety: Cue’s molecular rapid tests provide highly accurate results.

Speed: Results are delivered to mobile devices in 20 minutes or less.

Simplicity: No prescription or training is required, and results can be self-collected.

Security: HIPAA-compliant, the Cue platform was built with data security at its core.

If your workplace could benefit from the “Science of Ready” and our comprehensive pandemic services, contact us at