Since 2014, Miki G. Rieth has utilized her more than 21 years of consulting experience in the oil and gas industry to ensure our Major Projects Team runs a tight ship. Because of her vast experience and stellar reputation in the industry, she has been appointed to serve as the Southern Region Affiliate Board Member on the American Waterways Operators (AWO) Board. Learn more about AWO and her new role in our Q&A below:

What does American Waterways Operators do? 

AWO is the tugboat, towboat and barge industry’s advocate, resource and united voice for safe, sustainable and efficient transportation on America’s waterways, oceans and coasts. . AWO members operate on the rivers, coasts, Great Lakes, and harbors of the United States, moving vital commodities safely, reducing air emissions, water pollution, and highway congestion, protecting homeland security, and providing family-wage jobs for tens of thousands of Americans.

Why is AWO important?

Transporting goods via waterways is the nation’s safest, most environmentally friendly, and most economical mode of freight transportation. AWO promotes the long-term economic soundness of the industry and works to enhance its ability to provide safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible transportation. As a board, we are responsible for guiding the strategic direction of the association in its advocacy and safety leadership mission.

What does this appointment mean to you? 

I have been involved with AWO for the past 11 years. It is an honor for my hard work to pay off and to be recognized by my peers for my long-standing support of the industry. Safety is incredibly important to me, so it is humbling to have the respect and confidence of my industry colleagues. I am also a member of Women in Maritime Operations (WIMOs) and Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA International) so I am incredibly grateful and humbled to be one of only five  women of the 55 board members entrusted with casting a vote on the board. It is an excellent opportunity to represent CTEH as part of this group and to show who we are and what we do.

I would encourage all women to get involved with organizations and mentor colleagues while helping them grow in unique ways. It is very important to support and work with others. I find it rewarding to take what others have taught me and share with many. Find a way to be a voice and help lead the way.

AWO’s Board of Directors consists of 55 voting members, with directors representing five geographical regions (Atlantic, Midwest, Ohio Valley, Pacific, and Southern) and four industry sector committee chairs (Coastal, Harbor Services, Inland Dry, and Inland Liquid). AWO consists of 188 Carrier Members and 117 Affiliate Members. Miki will serve for three years as the Affiliate Member representative on the board for the Southern Region.