Continuing our discussion of the certifications and academic qualifications of our staff at CTEH, it’s time to focus on Kim Alvis, R.N., COHN.

We know what an R.N. is; it’s a nurse. But what are the qualifications? Registered nurses must get a degree in nursing and then become licensed by passing a comprehensive, rigorous exam. Alvis particularly focuses her medical expertise on occupational health, which is the health of workers. CTEH provides an excellent platform for her to serve in her specific branch of the helping professions, as she works with staff and the staff of the CTEH clients.

Like so many other CTEH professionals, beyond her medical expertise, Alvis has earned COHN national certification as well. This means she is a certified occupational health nurse, and has passed another rigorous exam, focused on her expertise in the specialty of workplace health. This certification is overseen and awarded by the American Board for Occupational Health Nurses and reflects a higher proficiency of knowledge, skills and abilities in the specific provision of occupational health care.

This is another example of CTEH professionals demonstrating leadership in the field by pursuing credentials beyond the bare minimum in order to demonstrate their expertise—expertise benefitting our staff, our clients’ and the communities in which we serve.