During the height of crises, entities must address a multitude of complex tasks. The last things they have the time to deal with are mundane issues like asset tracking. With CTEH’s custom automated solutions that efficiently track resources, our partners are able to refocus on more pressing duties before, during, and after incidents occur. Brady Davis, our director of technology, explains more:

What exactly is asset tracking?
Asset tracking is used to record physical items using software, mobile hardware, and tags such as barcodes, QR codes, or RFID tags. With mobile hardware like smartphones or tablets, additional metadata (e.g., GPS coordinates, photos) can be collected. Storing data in a centralized place helps provide a more complete picture of assets, including inventory, traffic flow, and financial metrics.

What services does CTEH offer?
CTEH provides a comprehensive and high-quality asset tracking service. We offer custom hardware and software; data management and visualization; and project management—all overseen by experienced field staff. CTEH’s turnkey service allows us to scale and tailor solutions to specific needs. Through the end of projects and beyond, the data we generate gives our partners situational awareness, cost tracking, fraud protection, audit support, and more.

Why does CTEH focus on automated digital solutions instead of the traditional pen-and-paper approach?
The key to tracking and understanding assets is accurate information and timely reporting. At CTEH, we strongly believe technology is the only way to accomplish this. By using mobile technology, tagging and automation, we are able to significantly streamline the data collection process while still ensuring quality controls at the field level. 

As CTEH says, each of its solutions is “fully customizable.” What does that mean?
Since no emergency responses are ever alike, our data reporting and visualization solutions are always customized to fit the needs of the responding organization. Our data collection software can be tailored to specific types of assets, as well as projects’ geographic footprints and scales. Our asset tracking service also includes an experienced team of data mangers, software developers, and project managers that is able to quickly adapt and adjust solutions to best meet clients’ needs.

What are the benefits of reporting and visualization services?
When you’re collecting a wide range of data at a rapid pace, it quickly becomes a very large dataset. And it would be impossible to conceptualize trends, patterns, or bottlenecks without summarization and visualization tools. Take reporting as an example. Reporting helps expose gaps in the process, track progress, and identify data quality issues.

How are CTEH’s asset tracking services different than others in the industry?
We have deployed our asset tracking service in a broad spectrum of situations. In each case, we adjust our solutions to adapt to challenges and, in turn, implement those features into the next iteration of software or hardware. It’s one of the reasons why our technological solutions are constantly evolving and improving.

Have questions about CTEH’s asset tracking services? Contact us at 501-801-8500 or webquestion@cteh.com.