In our series about the good that goes on at CTEH, we’re talking to B.J. Fogleman, an Environmental Scientist and Project Manager.

When it comes to his job, Fogleman most values the life experiences he gains from being involved with such a broad, wide-reaching company that employs a talented, dynamic work force. “The sheer amount of resources with knowledge and skill here contributes to a career rife with opportunity. Combine the technical training with management experience and the ability to travel internationally on a whim, and you get a very rich work life,” he said.

Fogleman notes that CTEH hires young, qualified professionals and then invests in their training, creating opportunities for people like him.

Beyond what the company contributes to his career, Fogleman notes that the company is deeply committed to the clients and communities it serves. “Everyone who brings us in receives the same level of service and care,” he said, noting that CTEH’s collective knowledge creates a sense of duty and a desire to help among employees that connects them to their clients.

 “This is why CTEH is a leader in our field”, Fogleman said, and why he is proud to work here.