In our recent chat with toxicologist Pablo Sanchez-Soria, Ph.D. we discussed his work at CTEH and what he values about the company. When it comes to his job, he most values the company’s versatility in all its different projects, from risk assessment and risk communication, to emergency response and toxic tort litigation.

CTEH understands how to work within complex scenarios to benefit the community.  The understanding is gained through over 17 years and 1400 responses to toxicological emergencies. Beyond its contributions to Sanchez-Soria’s career, the toxicologist cites what CTEH does within the communities where it works, and for its clients: “The company constantly makes decisions based on scientifically accurate information,” Sanchez-Soria said. CTEH scientists have encountered many of the chemicals used within the commodity markets and are often called upon to write Safety Data Sheets advising transporters on how to handle specific chemicals. Read about our work with SDS sheets in a previous InsideCTEH blog story.

“Having the opportunity to interact with our founders and learn from their experience,” is a key highlight for Sanchez-Soria. “Their interest in mentoring the younger toxicologists motivates me to pursue new areas to develop expertise,” he said. The company has helped him develop a broader range of areas of expertise, and he feels encouraged seeing new opportunities that help him grow as a professional. “It has also enhanced my ability to interact with clients to make sure their needs are effectively addressed,” he said.

These are some of the reasons Sanchez-Soria is proud to work for CTEH.