Dr. Paul Nony, a CTEH senior toxicologist, was recently asked to share his expertise about preparing for catastrophes during CatIQ’s Canadian Catastrophe Conference in Toronto. The goal of this year’s conference was to promote collaboration before, during and after catastrophic events. As a long-time employee and member of CTEH’s Toxicology Emergency Response Program, Dr. Nony is uniquely qualified in this area, especially when it comes to catastrophe readiness and resiliency in relation to chemical accidents.

Throughout his presentation, Dr. Nony highlighted the importance of preparedness. For example, he stressed that response teams should be ready to travel 24/7/365 so they can reach incident sites quickly and begin collecting, interpreting and presenting data about potential human health or environmental risks. Dr. Nony also reiterated factors that response teams may, or may not, be aware of during the height of crises.

Thank you, Dr. Nony for your leadership on catastrophe preparedness. For more information about the CatIQ conference, visit catiq.com/c4/. You can also see the highlights of this year’s conference by using #C42016 on Facebook and Twitter.