When a crisis strikes, it can be unnerving. That’s why CTEH is focused on providing the expertise and dependable data our partners need to make sound decisions. Whether we’re in the office or field, our team members go above and beyond to help entities regain peace of mind and overcome their challenges.

Take Jacob Rownd, an environmental specialist in our North Little Rock office, as an example. He was recently serving on the scene of an incident, where there were concerns over the handling of different response duties. According to our contact, Jacob jumped right in to help. He was “incredibly professional, helpful and willing to work with the team in any capacity” to ensure operations were conducted in the “most effective and efficient manner possible.” He helped our partners overcome logistical issues, improve their communication efforts and enhance on-site safety measures. Throughout the entire response, he was flexible, polite and “set a high professional standard that everyone followed.”

We’re proud to have individuals like Jacob on our team. Thank you, Jacob for your “dedication and the positive way you represent CTEH.” If you’d like to share a story about an exemplary CTEH employee, please contact us at webquestion@cteh.com.