With President Biden laying out his new national COVID-19 strategy, the need for companies to verify vaccinations will become paramount for employees, customers, and guest safety. Let’s face it: a robust vaccination protocol as part of your workplace safety plan is essential. That’s why CTEH wants to help you weather this challenge through CarbonVIS, our vaccination information system.

Why is it Important?

Larger U.S. businesses don’t have to decide whether to require their employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19 – it is now federal policy. President Biden announced a sweeping new plan requiring employers with more than 100 workers to mandate immunizations. Unvaccinated employees must also demonstrate they are receiving weekly tests.

In addition, workplaces, offices, and other locations where people gather have represented some of the more likely places to contract coronavirus. To help bring caseloads down in the face of the delta variant, you need a way to navigate the mandate, and also screen guests and workers to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. Our streamlined application is secure and compliant, scalable to your needs, and provides a smooth user experience. By implementing CarbonVIS, you can give your workforce the confidence that you’re doing everything in your power to help protect them.

Who is it for?

CarbonVIS is built for the corporate client. While designing and developing this software, we leaned into our decades of experience helping large and small corporate clients in their times of crisis. The result is a compliant, secure, authentic, and integrated vaccination pass solution that opens just for you, while remaining easy to use for your administrators and employees. Your IT team will love our straight-forward integration API, as well.

How does it work?

First, a user scans or photographs the front and back of their vaccination card and uploads it into our mobile-friendly application. Once uploaded, our review team verifies the card in real-time, making sure the card is legitimate and checking for signs of fraudulence. In the few months since we deployed CarbonVIS, our review team has examined and approved more than 30,000 vaccine certificates, as well as detected and rejected a significant number of fakes.

Once verified, the user receives a pass in the form of a scannable QR code. The code can be scanned at the door, or lists can be downloaded from our easy-to-use portal. If our reviewers have trouble verifying a card, the case is escalated to a supervisor who performs a final check on the card, and if still deemed invalid, the user will have an opportunity to communicate with our verification team to iron out any issues.

How can I learn more?

CTEH would love to help your organization utilize our CarbonVIS platform. To learn more, visit our website.