Turn big data into actions

Highly trained biostatisticians and subject matter experts are ready to assist you with your analytical needs.  

CTEH couples expertise in biostatistics with subject matter experts in the fields of data science, software development, epidemiology, toxicology, environmental sciences, and occupational health to better inform analytic plans and interpretations of results. This team has a wide breadth of analytic experience spanning topics such as:

  • Study design 
  • Power analyses 
  • Data dashboards 
  • Randomization 
  • Geospatial analysis and mapping 
  • Seasonal analyses 
  • Dispersion modeling
  • Statistical analysis plans 
  • Sample size calculation 
  • Simulations 
  • Imputations 
  • Descriptive statistics 
  • Multiple logistic regression 
  • Multiple linear regression 
  • Susceptible-infected-removed models 
  • Survival analysis and cox proportional hazard regression 
  • Text analytics 
  • Fate and transport modeling 
  • Meta-analysis 
  • Big data and data management 
  • Weighted surveys data including:

Large datasets can be useless if not managed and stored properly. CTEH biostatisticians and data managers can wrangle your data into a manageable format ready for analysis. With expertise in imputations and simulation models, our experts can also help fill in gaps in your data to allow for stronger analytics. 


CTEH biostatisticians are trained in a wide breadth of statistical analyses that can be applied to your analytical challenge. From study design planning to complex modeling, CTEH can help you answer questions with your data. 


We understand that many projects have large, complex data sets that can be difficult to gather, summarize, and understand. Our team uses cutting edge software technology to quickly visualize data, in real time or after the fact, so you can securely access, review, and share it anywhere in the world. We will create these dashboards for you based on your timeline needs for any location and information you need.

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