We’re Experts in the science of solving complex problems.

Whether it’s cleaning up after a disaster, analyzing the aftermath or working to make sure it never happens again, you need a partner with deep scientific knowledge and extensive hands-on experience.

Two individuals in white protective suits and orange hard hats are standing outdoors. They are looking at a laptop and tablet, with greenery and a building in the background. Engaged, they appear to be reviewing information for environmental consulting.

You never know exactly what type of challenge you’ll be facing next.

That’s why you want people who know how to overcome all kinds of challenges on your side. 

CTEH has assembled an unmatched team of seasoned experts—including PH.D.-level toxicologists, disaster-response specialists, occupational and community health professionals, compliance authorities, and technology masters. Our scientists have an enviable track record of proactively implementing effective solutions, efficiently remediating adverse events, and accurately presenting unbiased scientific analyses to help resolve ongoing disputes. 

So no matter what comes next, we’re already prepared to handle it.