Health and Hygiene Programs

Supporting Ongoing Worker Protection

Health and hygiene programs are not “one and done” processes. Regular evaluation is a key component of robust programs to support other health and safety procedures being driven by the core industrial hygiene program. OSHA regulations require periodic evaluations to incorporate regulatory changes, work environment changes, and to assess the performance of health and safety systems.

The periodic reassessment of chemical, biological, and physical hazards, as well as ventilation and other critical systems, forms the core of any program. It is equally important to evaluate all of the inputs (exposure data, safety data sheets, equipment) and outputs (illness and injury statistics, personal protective equipment requirements, medical surveillance). Program assessments reduce costs by focusing limited resources on the areas that can have the greatest impact on protecting worker health.

CTEH industrial hygiene professionals can support the continual effort to protect worker health through a variety of services including:

  • Health and Safety Program Gap Assessment and Audits
  • Data Statistical Analysis
  • Comprehensive Exposure Assessments
  • Site Hazard Identification
  • Personal Protective Equipment Evaluation and Selection

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