Supporting Health and Safety Across the Broad Chemicals Market

Our proven expertise with chemical industry clients spans numerous sub-markets. These include basic chemical, commodity, polymer, and specialty chemical markets. We take a unique approach to each client’s pain points and leverage methods honed over the course of many years and many chemical clients. In addition to the sub-markets mentioned, we also understand the challenges associated with the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and petrochemical industries.

CTEH’s emergency response capabilities include rapid mobilization of a toxicology team, industrial hygiene (IH) team, and medical staff to respond quickly to all types of chemical incidents. These expert teams provide services including the identification of involved elements, analysis of environmental fate, evaluation of facility safety procedures, determination of safe levels in air, water, soil, or other media, education of local health providers, and general incident management.

Emergency Response

For over 20 years, CTEH has been innovating emergency support through our culture of readiness. We have highly trained, reaily available teams who can be on site anywhere in the US at a moment’s notice. Our expertise in this service area is unmatched.

Facility Response Plans

CTEH has years of experience preparing plans for national governments, global-level corporate plans, regional response plans, and site/facility-specific emergency response plans. We put this expertise to work for chemical clients, supporting preparedness across the board.

Health and Hygiene Programs

Our IH team provides comprehensive facility audits and assessments in order to help support systemic compliance and safety. We are a proactive partner always seeking to improve worker conditions and capable of establishing your company with OSHA VPP status.

Chemical Toxicity and Exposure Assessments

Our Worker Exposure Response Program (WERP) teams are available 24/7 every day of the year. WERP offers a unique and proactive method of addressing employee chemical exposure incidents and injury claims, providing an immediate response from toxicology professionals.

OSHA Claims and EHS Solutions

At CTEH, we put our comprehensive understanding of OSHA guidelines to work for our chemical market clients. We provide industrial hygiene support for compliance, worker health, and OSHA claims. We take on the task of coordinating with OSHA and creating EHS solutions to give you the peace of mind to focus on your workforce and your core business.

Hazardous Communication Materials

Complete and easy to understand SDS, GHS, and REACH materials are essential to assist chemical managers and first responders. Accuracy is paramount regarding these materials, through our library of experience we can help your information exceed industry standards.

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