Helping to Protect the Pipeline Industry Before, During, and After Incidents

Whether crude oil, refined products such as gasoline and jet fuel, chemical products like ammonia and carbon dioxide, or natural gas, CTEH has extensive experience solving environmental health and safety issues in the pipeline industry. Another important way we can partner with executive leadership, in-house subject matter experts, HAZMAT specialists and EHS managers is through providing drills and exercises as mandated by OPA 90.

CTEH employs a unique team with extensive pipeline emergency response and United States Coast Guard experience that spans over 50 years. We have participated or helped lead large-scale drills and exercises, including exercises involving multiple countries and thousands of stakeholders. This team can also run a full incident command and provide an Incident Management Assistance Team. We strive to instill a sense of security with our client’s internal emergency response teams - allowing them to quickly get back to their day job, with the confidence that CTEH will manage the project through to site closure.

See more capabilities below on how our cross-functional team of experts can assist the pipeline industry in preparedness, response, and recovery.

Emergency Response

CTEH’s toxicology emergency response program teams are on-call toxicology experts available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our rapid response teams can be modified to suit any pipeline industry need and bring years of tenured leadership and experience to every incident.

Industrial Hygiene

In the pipeline industry, it’s critical to be proactive about protecting workers from occupational health & safety hazards. To accomplish this and afford our clients meaningful peace of mind, we employ services such as traditional industrial hygiene sampling, monitoring, and program development.

Air Monitoring

We bring decades of air monitoring experience to every new engagement. In the pipeline industry, we are particularly experienced with continuous perimeter, worker, and community air monitoring during clean-up. Additionally, we also have expertise monitoring for VOCs, welding fumes, lower explosive limits, and in providing fence-line monitoring.

Crisis Management

Successfully managing crises is predicated on prior planning and expert response. Our crisis management planning teams have extensive experience creating actionable plans for all types of scenarios in the pipeline industry. We also offer Plan & Command, our proprietary response management software that helps to streamline planning, communication, data management, and response.

Drills and Exercises

Having been an integral part of response teams in the pipeline industry, we are uniquely qualified to develop drills and exercises that correspond to real life scenarios. These exercises are a critical component to successfully handling a crisis. Disasters are inevitable, and we do everything we can to prepare you.

Data Management

Our data management teams are adept at handling client data, as well as finding new & innovative ways of capturing it in the first place. During crises, one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is data. We focus on making it accessible, actionable, and accurate.

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