Power and Utilities

Providing Assessments that Support Ongoing Safety and Compliance

We understand the primary concern to any power and utility company is to minimize any disruption to the community. This is something we do very well in emergency and controlled environments. CTEH has experience providing industrial hygiene, permitting compliance, and incident response services to EHS utility managers throughout the US. The quicker we get on site to monitor during a transformer release, the better; and the more we can assist your team with understanding regulatory requirements the smoother any new transitions will be both internally and externally to end users.

CTEH emergency response capabilities include rapid mobilization of a team of toxicologists, industrial hygienists, and medical staff to respond to these types of incidents quickly. Emergency response services include identification of involved elements, analysis of environmental fate, evaluating facility safety procedures, determination of safe levels in air, water, soil, or other media, education of local health providers regarding the involved substances, and general incident management.

Toxicology and Exposure Services

CTEH toxicologists combine a “boots on the ground” approach with deep toxicological expertise. Across diverse toxicology areas, we support power & utilities clients. A particular area of emphasis in this market is exposure assessment. Our toxicologists are experts at both measuring and modeling approaches to exposure assessment and put it to work for you.

Rule and Regulatory Interpretation

The CTEH toxicology team provides expertise in consulting on, authoring, or enhancing compliant (M)SDS documents. With power & utilities clients, we operate as an extension of their internal team, supporting the creation of universally compliant SDS documents.

Compliance Services

Whether we’re assisting power and utilities clients with maintaining compliance or ensuring facility safety, our goal is always to help provide peace of mind. We perform a wide range of assessments and tests in order to support ongoing compliance and safety, and we possess a comprehensive knowledge of OSHA regulations.

Health and Hygiene Programs

The ongoing protection of workers is a key point of emphasis with power & utilities organizations. In accordance with that, we provide routine monitoring on an ongoing basis and perform periodic evaluations as made necessary by OSHA regulations, dynamic work environments, new processes, or aging equipment.

Risk Assessments

We are uniquely suited to assist clients with the development of sound and workable risk assessment plans. We have extensive experience in combustion permitting, chemical spill, and fire emergency response, which are of particular note in the power & utilities market.

PCB Transformer Releases

We have extensive experience developing and implementing transformer programs for large commercial clients in the US. Our experience with transformer handling and management has led to the development of a comprehensive network of partners who can assist in any type of transformer project. Our familiarity with TSCA regulations can be vital when preparing your transformer inventory.

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