Rapid Analysis, Assessment, and Response Following Transportation Incidents

Since our founding in 1997, CTEH has been responding to train derailments and other transportation incidents involving hazardous materials. In order to respond to the hazardous potential of derailments, our on-call team of toxicologists, industrial hygienists, and medical staff maintain vigilant readiness to help keep the community and response personnel safe from any potential harm. Our personnel has responded to hundreds of derailments and trucking spills, and we are often relied upon by regulatory agencies to help solve environmental crises.

Emergency response services include identification of involved chemicals, analysis of environmental fate, determination of safe levels in air, water, soil, or other media, education of local health providers regarding the involved substances, risk communication, and general incident management.

Chemical Identification

The CTEH team has extensive experience and a depth of equipment and field analytical resources to assist in the identification of what chemicals may be involved in a release. We are leaders in answering: What are the combustion by-products, what will be generated with unintentional mixing of chemicals, and what is the best way to measure for the chemicals of concern in the environment?

Determination of Safe Levels in Air, Water, Soil, or Other Media

Following a transportation incident that results in a chemical leak, the determination of safe levels across all relevant media is paramount. We have extensive experience conducting all necessary studies and assessments in order to establish safe level baselines, which in turn inform the overall response to the crisis.

Analysis of Environmental Fate

When a transportation incident occurs, unique environmental conditions can have a massive impact on the breadth of exposure. We use sophisticated tools and tenured expertise to analyze the totality of pollutant dispersion and determine its potential impact on communities and the environment as a whole.

Risk Communication Regarding Involved Substances

We are uniquely suited to assist clients with the development of sound and workable risk assessment plans. We have extensive experience in combustion permitting, chemical spill, and fire emergency response, which are of particular note in regards to derailments and other transportation incidents.

Incident Management

Our Global Preparedness Crisis Management team supports client preparedness for all-threat/all-hazard events. We are fully equipped to run any scale emergency response throughout North America. CTEH can also provide incident management and resource tracking software which supplements our crisis preparedness and response capabilities.

Emergency Response

Since 1997, the CTEH team has been assisting with emergency response related to derailments and other traffic incidents. To meet immediate needs, we have the ability to respond with qualified, experience personnel in most areas in the US within hours, meaning we can respond to a transportation incident rapidly.

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